Instant Pot Cauliflower Crema

IP Cauliflower Crema/

If you are looking for a creamy, smooth, melt-in-your mouth condiment to dress up your veggies, grains or pasta, this cauliflower crema is for you. Just a few ingredients and you got deliciousness in no time. Enjoy! Continue reading


Instant Pot Italian Bowl

IPot Italian Bowl/


I call this dish a bowl, because you can practically eat it with a fork! Yum! If you are lucky to own an Instant Pot, this recipe will come together in no time, but even on the stove top it doesn’t take much time either. I had shiitake mushrooms on hand, but use your favorites. Farro and cannellini beans, tomatoes and rosemary and thyme will pull the flavors together. Enjoy! Continue reading