Smoky Pinto Bean and Sweet Potato Burgers

Smoky Pinto Bean & Sweet Potato Burgers/

I love Japanese sweet potatoes. I eat them every day. Plain. Just. Like. That!

But then I had to come to my senses and realize that not everyone wants to eat quite this simple.  I also like beans.  Ok,  beans + sweet potatoes = good burgers = yummy.

What follows is a very easy, delicious recipe for burgers that you can put together very quickly with  just a few ingredients {of course, I am assuming that you ALWAYS have a baked Japanese sweet potato on hand :-)}  Enjoy! Continue reading

Potato Salad with “Aquafabanaise”

Potato Salad with Aquafabanaise/

Did I mention that I LOVE potatoes? I am always trying to find new recipes to incorporate them. There has been a lot of buzz about using aquafaba, the cooking liquid from  beans. So, I set out to try to come up with a savory version, that is slightly creamy and can be used for a potato salad. I call it “aquafabanaise”. Together with the crunchy cornichons and the tangy vinegar and chives, I think this makes for a tasty potato salad. Give it a try! Continue reading




I have been seeing posts about using aquafaba ( the cooking liquid left over from cooking your own beans or the liquid found in canned beans) for some time. Mostly what I came across though were recipes posts for sweet meringues. But I like things on the  savory side, so I thought I give it a try to see, if I can figure out a semi replacement for mayonnaise. Of course I wanted it without any oil. Cannellini beans to the rescue. The result is a very mild and subtle sauce, great for  potato salad.  I call it “aquafabanaise”. Continue reading

Pasta Puttanesca

Pasta Puttanesca/

I was craving pasta with this aromatic sauce and was curious about its history. To my surprise, it turns out that it seems to be a rather recent culinary invention. The “original” version is sautéed in  olive oil and often includes anchovies. Of course, I wanted to make mine oil-free and all plant-based.  The recipe below, which I  slightly modified, comes from (where I received my Forks Over Knives certification). This is a very robust sauce that will please omnivores and plant-based eaters alike. Enjoy! Continue reading