Almost Savory Breakfast Oats

Almost Savory Breakfast Oats/


Do you like oatmeal in the morning, but don’t always want to eat it with sweet fruit?

I started to feel that my oatmeal with cinnamon, blueberries and bananas was getting too sweet for my taste buds. So I experimented with different vegetables and this is what I came up with. At first the ingredients may sound a little bit odd, but give it a try and taste for yourself! Continue reading


Breakfast Patties with Tomato Jam

Breakfast Patties/

This is one of those recipes that came together by going through my refrigerator and surveying the left-over situation. I had some little yellow baked potatoes on hand, as well as scallions and some frozen peas in the freezer. Always have a can of garbanzo beans in the pantry, ready to be used at a moment’s notice.  I knew, I was good to go – or cook – shall we say. Plus,honestly, I really wanted something that would pair nicely with my  tomato jam. And – bitte sehr – here are the Breakfast Patties!  Which, btw, are really delicious any meal of the day.

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