I learned about Kirsten through a friend of mine who had already embraced a vegan lifestyle. At that point of my life I wasn’t feeling well and wanted to explore the possibility that a dietary change might be beneficial. I met with Kirsten and she counseled me about the health benefits of eating a whole-foods, plant-based diet and provided articles and books to read. As I became more interested in this way of eating, I took plant-based cooking classes in Kirsten’s kitchen. I learned how to cook delicious meals and received recipes. I also learned new cooking techniques. I have adopted the vegan way of life and feel great!
Thank you, Kirsten!

Linda F


Kirsten is a knowledgeable guide through the plant-based diet journey.

Pat L

I wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed, and got out of the Greens 5 Ways cooking class. As I was driving to the class I was wondering if I should eat something beforehand, as I didn’t expect to be filled up from greens. Boy was I wrong! Not only were the preparations filling, but each recipe was delicious and surprisingly easy. It turned out to be both an educational experience and a sumptuous feast! As a result of the class, I am now doing water sautés, and am looking forward to cooking a bok choy side dish this weekend. I would love to attend another class and hope some of your other readers will join in the fun!
Leslie R

My kitchen was in a state of disrepair when I scheduled Kirsten’s “Pantry and Kitchen Makeover”. My goal was move toward a simple and healthy way of eating. I knew this would require stocking and reorganizing my pantry and updating my kitchen utensils, but the prospect of doing so seemed daunting. The meeting with Kirsten provided me with a clear sense about how to get started; she tailored her advice to my situation and provided helpful information about which kitchen tools and food items were needed. The makeover is well underway, which is exciting and satisfying. Now, I’m eager to learn more about plant-based cooking!
Jan P